Your People's Safety is Your Business, Training Them is Ours
Working in confined spaces is amongst the most hazardous work there is. People are at risk when they enter confined spaces of any nature, from the obvious ones to the not so obvious. So if you, or employees within your company, are involved in work with: tanks, vats, silos, hoppers, reservoirs, sewers, man-holes, pumping chambers, pits or deep trenches etc, then contact Gasex for the correct training.

At their training centre in Radstock, Gasex is currently involved in:

1. Industrial training for confined space operation - Entry - Rescue.

2. The Use and care of Breathing Apparatus.

3. Specialist courses for the Fire & Rescue Service in safe entry into unsafe structures - Tunneling and Shoring. We have now trained over 300 Fire & Rescue Service members and officers from authorities throughout the UK.

4. Running courses in compressed oxygen B.A. and in Fire Awareness Fire Fighting.

5. First Aid courses using state registered Paramedics in resuscitation/entonox techniques etc.